Please see below for conditions of entry to the PRO category and to compete for Prize Money and PTO rankings.

– If you are ranked in the top 250 of the PTO ranking, you automatically receive a free pro entry for the L race (MIDDLE DISTANCE). All you have to do is request it by e-mail:

– If you’re ranked between 251 and 400, you’ll receive a 50% discount on your entry, just send us an e-mail to request it:

– If you are not ranked in the top 400, you must pay the full entry fee and request Pro access by email:


Challenge Cagnes-sur-Mer will have a total prize money of €25,000 distributed to the first six female athletes and the first six male athletes.

Prize money is reserved for the elite/pro division. You must have a pro license with Challenge Family to be eligible for one of these prizes.

Men Women
1st € 3.500 € 3.500
2nd € 2.100 € 2.100
3rd € 1.400 € 1.400
4th € 1.150 € 1.150
5th € 850 € 850
6th € 500 € 500

The Championship Professional Athlete Slots 2025

One place for each of the top six professional athletes in all Challenge Family long and middle distance races during the qualification period (6 male, 6 female places per race).