The competition pass is compulsory for anyone who does not hold an F.F.TRI. Competition licence. There are three possibilities:

 1 You are a FFTRI licensee

2024 FFTRI license to be presented when handing over bibs + proof of identity.

 2 You are not a FFTRI licensee

You will need to :

  1. Complete and pay your FFTRI competition pass online, to be presented on the day
  2. Complete the health information on D-Day ( this replaces the medical certificate , which is no longer complulsory for adults only)

 3  You are not of French nationality

Licensees from the following Federations: Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Switzerland must present their licenses for the 2023 season and subscribe to a Competition Pass online without paying for it. You are exempt from the medical certificate.

Triathlon licensees from other federations (USA Triathlon, etc.) must present their licenses for the current season and take, subscribe and pay for a competition Pass online.